SketchwalksAn introduction to Urban Sketching: capturing everyday observations through drawing

Suitable for: 8 years – adult.

Duration: half day / full day (minimum 2.5 hours).
Numbers: maximum of 15.

We start with a brief introduction, where I show examples of different ways to capture your surroundings in a sketchbook. We then walk a small area or venue, stopping to observe and record various aspects of what we experience. We will explore techniques for combining details, rather than drawing complete views, and learn how to ‘capture the moment’ by incorporating sounds, the weather, even ourselves into the sketch. The work will be shared at the end, so we can see how our observations, taken together, can paint a vivid picture of the walk.

Please supply :
I need a table for the introduction and a series of tables pushed together for the sharing session.
Participants need a sketchbook (or clipboard with a few pieces of A4 cartridge paper), a pencil and a selection of coloured pencils. Additional art materials will be even better.
Room layout:
Participants should be gathered around me for the intro. We will sit around the large tables at the end.