StorytellingsAlways lively, very interactive and lots of fun! I break the session into lots of short activities, so even the youngest children remain engaged throughout.

Suitable for: 4 – 7 year olds.

Duration: 1 hour – 90 minutes.
Numbers: 30 if we include practical drawing, otherwise up to a maximum of 100.

Given time, we will read 2 different stories and, with smaller groups, the children will do their own drawing in the middle. I draw funny pictures on the flipchart for the children to guess and keep. We sing, dance, rap, maybe even create a monster – whatever links to what we have read. We are generally rather silly and often rather noisy.

Please supply :
I need a chair, a table, a flipchart with flipchart pad and a black Sharpie pen (or similar).
If drawing, children need pencils, coloured pencils (or felt tips) and A4 or A3 paper.
Room layout:
Children are best seated on the floor, but they will require a non-carpeted surface, clipboards or tables for their drawing break.